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California Delivery Service

Red Dog Logistics and California Delivery Service:

California Delivery Service was acquired by Red Dog Logistics, Inc in early 2022. This acquisition means a lot of improvements for California Delivery Service; including technology upgrades, access to Red Dog’s proprietary rating system, and an expanded team of experts working behind the scenes to make sure your loads get where they need to go. For our CDS clients, nothing will significantly change in the way you do business with us. The CDS dispatch team will still have constant communication available with drivers and customers to ensure that we are relaying accurate, updated information every step of the way. And for both our CDS and Red Dog clients, this acquisition means we will now have more capacity available and be able to deliver quickly and reliably in more parts of the country. Our goal has always been to add regularity and structure to an otherwise unpredictable freight transportation environment. It is this goal that has led us to ensuring a transparent, trustworthy process for all of our clients. 

About California Delivery Service:

California Delivery Service provides local, regional, drop hook, and specialty delivery services for California and surrounding areas. Serving the building, beer, food, beverage and other industries, California Delivery Service is a leader in end-to-end, supply-chain management with active operators across the southwest United States. At California Delivery Service, our mission is to provide quality service and to strengthen supply chains. We accomplish this goal by taking the time to understand each customer’s industry and catering our service offering to meet their needs.