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Shipping and Traffic Management Solutions

Red Dog Logistics is an efficient and flexible third-party logistics company that provides customized traffic management solutions to all types of companies, no matter the size. In order to achieve this, we offer many services that can be mixed and matched to make sure our shippers’ needs are met. We seamlessly blend innovative technological services, traditional freight shipping services and streamlined customer oriented solutions to provide our shippers’ everything they need in one place.

We offer services and features such as:


Oversized/ specialized

Hot Shots

Just In Time Delivery

53 ft dry Van




We are proud to offer the latest technologies that makes it easier for you to plan and pay for your freight. Here at Red Dog, we believe that the process of getting things from one place to another should be easy, and that’s why we offer tools to simplify the process, including:

Proprietary TMS

Developed in house nearly a decade ago, our custom TMS can be as simple, or as intricate as you want.

RFP Contract Management

Too much data to analyze? Let Red Dog collect, analyze, and help you manage your contracted distribution

API/EDI Integrations

Custom options to help you streamline nearly any facet of your day to day through easy and efficient data + information sharing

Vendor Compliance

Let the TMS help you build, organize, and send out custom carrier set up packets and insurance documents

Accounts Payables

Keep track of all invoices, BOLs, and any other important items you need to keep organized to get your carriers paid

Progressive Rating System

An intricate system that looks at past rates and re-calculates and provides notification when that same shipment can be moved at a lesser rate
Shippers contact Justin Baley for more information: 708-330-7917

We also offer a streamlined customer service center, which includes:

Contact Red Dog Logistics today for more information about shipping and our freight services.