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End August

Inflation in the United States is at 9.1%, the highest it has been since November of 1981. Sustained inflation leads to economic recession, of which

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Fort Worth

The freight industry as it pertains to the United States is one of the most widely connected industries in the entire world. Goods can be

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Christmas Capacity

With the holiday season well upon us, many individuals are anticipating a hectic few weeks ahead. Fretting over family gatherings, elaborate dinners, and gift-giving. With

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Change in peak season

Most, if not all industries have some semblance of seasonality- a period of the year in which a specific industry experiences the highest traffic in

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Bloated Inv

With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon to close out 2022, shippers of all industries face the challenge of mitigating the surplus of inventory that

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Freight Industry SEP

The freight industry has experienced growing pains throughout the last two years, with volatility being at the forefront of these issues. Unlike the everpresent pendulum

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Hurricane Ian

With hurricane Ian recently touching down in Florida, the infrastructural and individual damage causes us as a society to realize that mother nature is undefeated.

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